Pacific Grove Shoreline Management Plan

Protecting and enhancing your shoreline

This page contains the final version of the Shoreline Management Plan as well as other documents for public review that were developed throughout the planning process.

Final plan (June 2020)

After being revised to incorporate comments from the public and the City Council, the Shoreline Management Plan was approved by the Council on June 24, 2020. Click on the link above to view the final version of the plan.

Outreach on the draft proposed management strategies (October - November 2019)

In late 2019, the city conducted a round of outreach to gather feedback from the community on a number of draft proposed management strategies being considered for the Shoreline Management Plan. Opportunities for the public to participate included an online survey and a community meeting. Click on the links below for documents related to this outreach.

  • Presentation slides from the community meeting that the City hosted on October 12, 2019.

  • Outreach report, describing the outreach and summarizing the community's feedback.

  • Appendix to the outreach report, listing all the comments received by the City.

Outreach on the community's vision (April 2019)

Through February 2019, the city conducted a series of public engagement activities for the Shoreline Management Plan. The purpose was to hear the community’s vision for the shoreline and people’s differing perspectives on the issue of coastal erosion. More specifically, the city sought input on issues and locations of concern and on ideas and suggestions for managing the impacts of erosion. Opportunities for the public to participate included an online survey, an interactive pinnable map and a community open house. The input will be one of several sources of information that the city and its consultants will use to develop recommendations for long-term management strategies and alternatives to protect the shoreline’s resources.

  • Click here for a detailed report on the recent public outreach effort.

  • A series of appendices to the report list the nearly 600 comments received from the public.

Biological resources assessment (December 2018)

This report describes the plant communities and wildlife resources along Pacific Grove’s shoreline. The resources were documented by the project consultants from a review of existing reports and maps, database records, field observations and consultation with regional biologists and interested parties.

Vulnerability assessment (November 2018)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the coastal processes that are reshaping P.G.'s shoreline, such as tides, waves, storm surges and sea level rise. The study is helping us evaluate impacts on, and the vulnerability of, infrastructure and other shoreline resources.

Stakeholder interviews (November 2018)

To learn about the community’s differing perspectives on the shoreline, we interviewed representatives of more than 20 stakeholder agencies, groups and organizations. This fact sheet lists the stakeholders and summarizes the main issues and concerns expressed by the interviewees.

Cultural resources assessment (October 2018)

This report describes the regulatory context surrounding the protection of cultural resources and summarizes the prehistory and history of the project area. An additional section of the report identifies significant cultural resources found along the shoreline; however, that section is not being made available to the public because it contains confidential information about the location of those resources.

Geologic and hydrologic conditions (October 2018)

This report helped the consultants determine coastal erosion rates and a 30-year erosion-setback line. It is based on previous coastal maps and reports, and a detailed site reconnaissance. The data will be used to inform recommendations to address hazards such as coastal erosion, bluff recession, slope instability and wave run-up.

Review of related plans (October 2018)

This report summarizes our review of the main plans and studies that have looked at the shoreline in the past (going back 25 years). The purpose of the review was to identify information, policies and recommendations from earlier planning efforts that might have a place in the Shoreline Management Plan.